Our Background

Our manual 'The Secrets of Online Power Poker' is controlled and published by Winning Online ltd.

Winning Online Ltd is the sister company of The Winning Line (Sport & Leisure) Ltd which was set up in 1993 to provide members of the general public with access to professional advisory information on horse racing and sports betting.

The Winning Line has a long history of unearthing professionals who make their living in their chosen field and it is this modus operandi that has also been embraced by Winning Online, which has become the UK's leading, innovative, online money-making solution providers.

To this end we have recruited world-class poker professionals Jesse May, Padraig Parkinson, Julian Gardner and Scott Gray.

Our aim is to turn you into a winner and we have created this dedicated poker site (www.winonpoker.net) for our unique manual 'The Secrets of Online Power Poker', that reveals the Power Poker system.

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