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Does the Power Poker system work? Well let's put it this way. Julian Gardner, Padraig Parkinson and Scott Gray have all achieved a final table seat in the World Series Of Poker, and won millions over the years in other tournaments.

Let's meet the professionals who are going to reveal their secrets to you.

Julian Gardner
'The Kid' or 'The Harry Potter of Poker' had already won more than eight European poker titles by the time he was 21. In only his second attempt, he won $1.1m when he finished runner up in the 2002 World Series of Poker at 23 years old - and then walked away from the casino with the whole lot in a suitcase!

For the last three years (2002-2004) Julian has set a record by finishing 'in the money' (top 32) at the WSOP.

Julian regularly wins on the Internet, and at 26 years old, remains one of the leading figures in the game.

"Gardner may be young but he is a terrific poker talent. The kid can play" - Cardplayer.com

"When he was only 18 years old and not old enough to play in Las Vegas casinos, he was ranked as one of the best poker players in Europe" - Pokerineurope.com

Padraig Parkinson
A well known 'face' on both sides of the Atlantic, Padraig won $470,000 when he finished third in the 1999 World Series of Poker and won Channel 4's Late Night Poker series 5 in 2002.

Padraig spends most of his time on the live tournament circuit or playing online.

"He's one of the best players in the world. If you're going to enter the ring with Mike Tyson, you better know who he is" - ESPN Broadcast of 2003 WSOP

Scott Gray
One of the tough Irish players feared by the Americans and online players.

After years spent winning fortunes in the cash games around Ireland and in Las Vegas, Scott finished fourth in the 2002 World Series of Poker and won $375,000.

"The Irish creed is 'don't get anted out of a tournament'. You don't have to worry about Scott violating that creed. The previous day I watched him pick up pot after pot" - Cardplayer.com

And let's not forget the guy who put the manual together...

Jesse May
A leading journalist and commentator on the European poker scene for the last ten years. Born in New Jersey, USA, Jesse moved to Denmark in the mid-nineties and travelled the European poker circuit. He was the host and play-by-play commentator of UK Channel 4's hit Late Night Poker for all of its six seasons. He also currently serves in this role for Sky Sports Poker Million, and Challenge TV's Celebrity Poker Club, and has also worked on several other poker programs in Europe and America. Jesse is the author of the 1997 poker novel Shut Up and Deal and the 1999 travel guide The Gambler's Guide to the World.

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