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Our buyers did not miss out. They invested in our manual and say:

"I entered a $5 online tournament on Sunday and won first prize of $268 - I believe your manual has paid for itself in just under 48 hours! I am annoyed at the money I have wasted in the past on other poker books by top players who reveal nothing but the most basic strategies."
Mike (from London)

"I sent the manual over to my retired father in Spain. He tells me he's loving it, he only plays small stakes and is making regular money that has nearly doubled his pension! I'm spending Christmas over there this year, I know for a fact that the manual will be coming back with me."
Dean -

"Enjoyed the manual - it has changed my whole way of thinking when playing internet poker. As I type this I've just won my third tourney on the spin."
John (from Middlesex)

"I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Although I am a relative beginner, I have already blitzed through the standard poker books library but always struggled to find the key to take my game to the next level - Power Poker has delivered in spades!"
Scott (from London)

"I've only had the manual a few weeks and have just won a 200 runner tournament. The manual has already paid for itself."
Karl (from Manchester)

"I have read most other poker books but have found them dull and difficult to read. Your manual is good and most importantly, provides a model for putting it into practice. Something no book has done. And I do think you should stop selling the manual."
Robert -

"Thank you to the pro's for sharing their methods. I thought I knew how to play poker and that it was a game of odds - how naïve I was before?!"
Clive (from Midlands)

"I tried to follow the rules as much as possible. It worked brilliantly!! I won my entry into the tournament."
Alison (from California)

"I think one of the major plus points is that the manual is easy to understand and even somebody with the basic knowledge of poker will grasp it."
Matt -

"I read the manual again at the weekend and I've just got 2nd place in a tourney, winning a prize of £48. I'm getting to the final table in about 25% of the tourneys I play in now thanks to Power Poker."
Karl (from Manchester)

"Off on holiday tomorrow but I will definitely be sneaking Power Poker into my luggage the moment my girlfriend turns her back. In any event, she ought to be thankful for the extra spending money courtesy of Winning Online."
Mike (from London)

"I am writing to say how pleased I am about the Power Poker manual. It has improved my poker game so much - in a month I have won many single table tourneys and two multi-table tourneys. Previously I played poker for fun but now it's and an extra source of income, so thankyou."
Barrie (from Cleveland)

"With regards to the manual, I found it most enlightening (as well as entertaining) and the contributors should be proud of doing such a thorough job. What I have done is learnt the gear system. This has shown a notable increase in my performance at tournaments."
Jonathan (from Newcastle)

"After reading your e-book, I was able to finish 1st and 2nd in back-to-back SnG’s. Thanks for creating such an insightful e-book to help players such as myself."
Michael (from California)

"I have since won two multi-table tourneys (one had 670 entrants on Party Poker, the other was an R&A; on Paradise)."
John (from London)

"Hi Steve, just a quick email to say thank you once again to yourself and the poker pro's - I've picked up a very nice tournament win of over $10,000 - my best so far!! Thanks again."
Clive (West Midlands, England)

"Discover the tricks of the trade with the new Power Poker system. The result of a 'dream-team' collaboration between Jesse 'The Voice Of Poker' May, and world class pro's Scott Gray, Padraig Parkinson and Julian Gardner."
Victor Chandler Poker

POWER POKER isn't just another poker book - it's a SYSTEM that has a track record spanning 20 years and millions of dollars in poker prize money. This is YOUR opportunity to use the exact SAME WINNING POKER SYSTEM as revealed in our unique manual.

BUT! ... this proven, money-making PROFESSIONAL POWER POKER SYSTEM is very strictly controlled.

To limit the number of systems in circulation, the manual fee will increase by 100% very soon, so the advice is to act TODAY.

If you've ever dreamt of being a professional poker player, winning thousands of $'s online, changing your lifestyle and being the envy of your friends, then you owe it to yourself NOT to let this opportunity slip through your hands.

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Compiled from our unique manual The Secrets of Online Power Poker, this report will give you the key secrets for this winning poker system used by world-class professionals.

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Note: Winning Online Ltd employ a strict privacy policy and email protection policy on your behalf. Click here to see full details.


Alex (Coventry, England) sent us an email thanking us for the manual as he's managed to make almost $10,000 in the last 3 weeks.

Elod (Gothenburg, Sweden) tells us that he's won 4 tournaments since he bought the manual, winning him almost $20,000.

Joe (London, England) says on email "6 weeks in and I just won my first tourney (still shaking!). Was being heckled all the way down to scooping just under $7,500... beautiful!"

Congratulations to Mat (Reading, England) on winning his £10,000 seat at this year’s World Series having purchased 'The Secrets of Online Power Poker' ONLY 4 DAYS BEFORE!

On hearing the news, co-author Padraig Parkinson said "We are delighted to hear another happy buyer has made the Big One!! Give him our congratulations. If Mat identifies himself to us in Vegas, we’d be happy to give him some pointers. Feel free to give him my email address so he can make contact."

"Steve, since my last email, I won a $30 re-buy tournament winning $5,000 so I feel I am improving." Giles (London, England)

If you added together all the people who are signed up with poker rooms around the world, the figure would run into millions. Whatever time of the day or night, online poker tournaments are taking place across loads of poker sites.

Thousands of novice players play poker online poker every month and are chancing their hands at winning online poker tournaments. The sad reality is that for nearly every single one of them they end up losing.

If that's the case, is there anyone playing online poker who actually wins?

This is our story. Here at Winning Online, our plan was to find out who was winning thousands of dollars from online poker tournaments and discover how they were doing it.

We didn't mess around. We went straight to the guy who we knew could give us unique access to some of the world's top poker players.

We didn't just want to produce another poker book, we wanted a specialist manual to be researched, developed and edited. For this unique and exciting poker project, we believed only one man was right for the job - and that was Jesse May - poker journalist, critically acclaimed writer and TV broadcaster - 'the voice of poker'!

"The secrets in this unique manual have NEVER been put into print before" - Jesse May

But we didn't want Jesse to go and find just one full-time poker professional to reveal to YOU how to win thousands of dollars from online poker. Jesse pulled out all the stops in his research and assembled three world class professional poker players who have won millions of dollars in tournament prize money over the last 20 years.

Click here to see the professionals who will reveal their POWER POKER SYSTEM to YOU.

A comprehensive 100 page manual giving you the complete insight into how you can win big money online poker tournaments!

This manual is so good in fact, I am praying that none of my poker buddies finds out about it. I would gladly pay you a % of my future winnings if you agreed to take this system off the market. - Mike (poker beginner and buyer)

Jesse has put together a highly informative and strategic poker manual that will give you a unique winning Texas Holdem poker strategy from day one. Julian Gardner, Padraig Parkinson and Scott Gray reveal, for the first time, some of the most dynamic tournament poker tactics ever used, giving you the best opportunity to make serious money using their POWER POKER SYSTEM.

Jesse guides you every step of the way, and the manual provides a unique learning aid. It is something that you will want to refer back to time and time again.

"Few poker players can write and even fewer can play poker. Jesse May is a rare master of both arts" - Anthony Holden, author of Big Deal

"Jesse has his finger on the pulse of European poker. His stature within the sport, and his ability to get the inside story of games and tournaments, is unparalleled" - Barry Shulman, CardPlayer magazine

The POWER POKER SYSTEM is revealed in a unique manual called The Secrets of Online Power Poker.

Click here to see the exact contents of the manual (to view this page you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded here).

Let's come back to our earlier point - the vast majority of online poker players consistently lose... and guess who they lose to? They lose to our professionals and the buyers of our manual who have mastered the POWER POKER SYSTEM.

Millions of people are signed up with online poker rooms BUT only a very small percentage will ever know about the POWER POKER SYSTEM. This Texas Holdem Tournament strategy has become even more effective and powerful when used online.

99.99999999% of online players will NEVER have access to the POWER POKER SYSTEM and that's the way we want to keep it. This is an exclusive, strictly controlled system suitable for anyone who wants to won big money online tournaments.

One of the main reasons you clicked on to our website and continue to read this text is simple - you are serious about making money from poker, and you want to stack the poker odds in your favour.

Imagine this - you could be scaring the "book players" to death and stealing "mug punters" money right now by learning the secrets revealed in our manual.

If you've played online poker before, you can throw your conventional techniques, strategies and poker software out of the window.

Why? The chances are they haven't led you to online poker tournament success on a regular basis. You're probably playing the wrong poker hands. You need to play winning poker hands and embrace a different approach, what Jesse May refers to as an "anti-theory".

Our poker manual will teach you how to employ the POWER POKER SYSTEM to devastating effect - you'll learn the seven-day POWER POKER diet and how to move through the system's gears, from the sheathed sword to torture!

As Jesse May, the 'voice of poker' explains: "The tournament play is the thing because that's where the big money is on the internet, that's where the big prizes are, and that's what gets people excited."

The Answer is Simple

If you want to have a real chance of winning online poker tournaments then the The Secrets of Online Power Poker should be by your side. If you don't know the secrets of the POWER POKER SYSTEM, it's a bit like playing with one hand tied behind your back.

In fact, we would issue a wealth warning to online players - watch yourself in tournaments because you'll be up against certain people playing the POWER POKER SYSTEM.

For the novice, the manual puts you on the right track from the outset, saving a hell of a lot of wasted time and money. Julian Gardner himself wishes he'd had access to this manual when he first started playing.

For the more experienced player, the POWER POKER SYSTEM is geared to show you how to last to the money. The system will teach you how to win instead of constantly finishing out of the bubble. You too could be turning a $150 buy-in into $35,000 by winning a Texas Holdem online poker tournament, just like Scott Gray did in the manual.

If you are a regular player, just think how much entry money you throw away each week. You could use this to invest in our manual.

The Professional Approach

You need patience, discipline and the motivation to practice and adhere to the POWER POKER SYSTEM.

Be honest with yourself now. Only people with these traits should carry on reading the rest of this site. You may not fit the mould of what's needed to win big online. Remember that the POWER POKER SYSTEM is not a short-term fix but a long-term money-making poker strategy.

If you are serious about wanting to win at online poker, and want to take your game to the professional level, then you've found what you've been looking for. We are not messing around with a simple poker book here, The Secrets of Online Power Poker is aimed at turning you into a big money tournament winner. If this sounds like it's for you, then welcome aboard! If you want to read more - then visit Gowin Casino and look for sports betting.

Why are the secrets of the POWER POKER SYSTEM being revealed to YOU?

It's a common question that is put to us all the time. If our experts are so good, why are they prepared to reveal their poker tips and secrets to you?

The answer is quite simple - MONEY.

Our professionals haven't got involved with Winning Online for fun or the good of their health.

Whilst Padraig Parkinson, Scott Gray and Julian Gardner all have a passion for poker, at the end of the day, they don't play poker for matches - it's all about the massive amounts of $'s.

They have sacrificed not only their time but the secrets of their money-making POWER POKER SYSTEM.

As I'm sure you'd expect, they want $'s as a kind of compensation. In fact, one of our professionals is having second thoughts that he has revealed too much.

Limited Availability

Our contract with our professionals means that the availablity of the POWER POKER SYSTEM is strictly controlled. As you can imagine, we do not want to dilute the secrets amongst too many people.

In fact, the fee for the manual will be increasing by 100% very soon, in order to limit the number of systems in circulation. The advice is to act today if you want to start winning and the get the manual at a great deal.

And as Jesse May highlights "If you are serious about making money from online poker, this manual is a must".

As we said earlier, there are millions signed up with online poker rooms but only a tiny fraction will ever find out about the POWER POKER SYSTEM.

YOU could be part of this inner sanctum of online poker winners TODAY.

Does luck play its part?

One serious point for you to consider. All our professionals show a hunger for knowledge, a strong desire to succeed and the necessary skills of patience and discipline. Does luck play its part? Well let's put it this way, the more you apply the rules of the POWER POKER SYSTEM, the luckier you get.

As Julian Gardner says "Luck is in the short-term, over the long-term there is no luck!"

And remember what golf professional Gary Player said "The more I practice, the luckier I get".

Bonus Offer

Purchase by and you'll receive 2 bonuses!

Firstly, a signed copy of our manual. Secondly, a 20% money-off deal for ANY other product or service offered by Winning Online (check out our company site at

180-day Money Back Guarantee

If, having read the manual, you can demonstrate to us that it hasn't given you a better chance of No Limit Texas Holdem poker tournament success then you can contact Jesse May, Julian Gardner, Scott Gray or Padraig Parkinson, and if the POWER POKER SYSTEM is still not working for you beyond that, you can have your money back.
We are so confident about the content of The Secrets of Online Power Poker that we offer you an unequivocal guarantee (see right).

Now we can't say fairer than that.

It is only a matter of time before our buyers start reporting back to us that with the secrets that have been revealed to them from Julian Gardner, Scott Gray and Padraig Parkinson, they've won thousands from No Limit Texas Holdem tournaments. Just look at the unsolicted comments on the left that we've received already.

Even though availability is being strictly controlled, we are confident that the manual will gain an enviable reputation for being the bible on how to win big at online poker.

Buy Now

When it comes to securing your copy of The Secrets of Online Power Poker this is how it works:
  • The manual will be shipped out to you within 24 hours of your order being processed. It arrives in a leather-effect binder and if you order today, it will be personally signed by one of the players.

  • We’ve also made sure that as another FREE BONUS you can also get access to the full contents of the manual in a matter of minutes via an online e-book/secure website area. You can start reading the POWER POKER SYSTEM whilst waiting for your manual to arrive.

The fee for the manual is £97 (plus £2.95 to cover postage and packaging) – you also have the option of paying in $’s or €’s in our secure transaction area provided by Barclaycard Merchant Services.

NOTE: If you live outside the EU (European Union), we will give you the option of only having access to our online e-book (which has the exact same content, including all text and graphics, as the printed manual) or paying a slightly higher postage and packaging charge.

Yes that’s right, we have set the fee for our manual at £97 – you read it right the first time. And don’t forget, this is due to increase by 100% very soon to limit the number of systems we have in circulation. The reason why we're spelling this out is simply because a handful of visitors to this website have contacted us to question our fee because they've bought other books about how to win at poker for less money.

As we've pointed out to them, first of all, the 'other books' can't have helped them much because they're obviously still not winning and are still on the lookout for information that's going to give them the edge, and turn them from losers into winners.

As Mike, a recent buyer, said: "I am annoyed at the money I have wasted in the past on other books by top players who reveal nothing but the most basic strategies."

Secondly, with our manual, you are getting such unique, sought after inside information that quite simply, it commands a premium. In fact as Jesse May points out, "the secrets in this unique manual have NEVER been put into print before". And as Julian Gardner says: "I cannot believe how much we've packed into this manual. We've revealed to any reader how they can win thousands of dollars".

More importantly, due to the limited number of manuals that we are putting into circulation, we are trying to ensure that every buyer has as big an advantage as possible over other players.

We do not want to dilute the secrets amongst too many people. Consider this point - if all the players at your table had paid only £5 for the manual, you'd have no edge!

We all know that you get what you pay for in life and don't forget, you should look at our fee as an investment in your online poker education and future success. How many times have you wasted your money entering online poker tournaments you had no chance of winning?

Don't dwell on the cost of our manual but more importantly, what is it going to cost you if you don't get hold of one?

Julian Gardner and Padraig Parkinson used the POWER POKER SYSTEM to qualify for the 2004 World Series Of Poker, winning their $10,000 entry fees (Julian did this again for this year's World series qualifying on Betfair Poker). In fact, Julian has used the POWER POKER SYSTEM to finish in the final table at the World Series of Poker three years running (2002 to 2004) - no player on the planet has ever achieved this!

One of our buyer's has already won a 2005 WSOP package - and he'd only had the system for 4 days! You could do the same - and maybe you'll be sat right next to our professionals playing poker for millions of dollars.

Simply click here to order your copy of The Secrets of Online Power Poker RIGHT NOW at today’s lower rate. And don’t forget, we’ll include all your bonuses (including immediate e-book access to the system) as well as our cast-iron 180-day money back guarantee.


Steve Clark
Managing Director, Winning Online Ltd

P.S. The Secrets of Online Power Poker is your shortcut to online tournament poker winnings, and with the manual by your side, you'll be way ahead of everyone else. But don't forget... to protect the effectiveness of the POWER POKER SYSTEM, we limit the number of systems in circulation - so buy now before we levy the 100% increase in our manual fee.

Don’t just take our word, or the comments from our satisfied buyers, about The Secrets of Online Power Poker. An independent poker writer was given the chance to review this manual and roadtest the Power Poker System. He said "the results astonished me"Click here to read his full review NOW.

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